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Lean Manufacturing

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★ Deploy Lean Manufacturing to significantly improve the operational efficiency of your Production System: reduce wastes and maximize profits. You will obtain a strong competitive advantage.★ Use this application to:- deploy Lean Manufacturing: tool by tool, area by area, by a business approach,- continuously treat production data on workplace, in collaboration with operators.
★ Deploy Lean Manufacturing around these pillars:- 5S,- visual management,- standardization of operations,- production leveling.
★ The “Deploy” part consists of practical explanations, illustrated by many drawings:- Determine where you should start your continuous improvement approach- Make work environment cleaner and safer- Develop communication tools through a visual management- Calculate time really available for manufacture- Identify and eliminate wastes of Value Added- Adjust production cycle on the need of customer through Takt time- Assign resources strictly necessary for manufacture- Reduce your changeover time- Build a Kanbans schedule to manage workflow by Just-In-Time- Sustain Lean through a structured approach
★ Calculate easily major indicators of Lean: Required Time, Net Time, Fully Productive Time, Availability Rate, Quality rate, OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Average Daily Demand, Takt time, Resources, Kanban.
★ Send data (collected and calculated) by email.
★ No particular knowledge is required to use this application:- Lean beginners will appreciate: road map to self deploy Lean, topics that may be read independently, explanations with lot of drawings, calculators for main Lean indicators, send questions to authors;- Lean experts will appreciate: materials to use on workplace, concrete examples.
★ Improve this app: if you want more information about a topic or if you want information about a new topic, contact us:
★ Please, update this app to fully benefit of new topics, bug fixes or performance improvement. This app is updated regularly.
★ Keywords: 5M, 5S, Continuous improvement, Demand Flow Technology, Gemba, Heijunka, Hoshin kanri, Jidoka, Just-In-Time, Kaizen, Kanbans, Lean Manufacturing, Net time, OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Muda, Mura, Muri, PDCA, Quality rate, Resources, Six Sigma, SMED, Standardization, Strategy deployment, Takt time, U-cell, Value added, VSM, Wastes, world class.